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Real People Podcast - Episode Thirteen - Finding Joy and Creativity in 2020 with Risa Culbertson

December 14, 2020

Risa Culbertson is an artist, illustrator, and master crafter living in the San Francisco Bay area. She has a studio in Berkley, Ca where she owns and operates her playful stationery company, Papallama (  Risa is experienced in a wide variety of mediums including fiber arts, paper, edible art, sculpting, illustration, stop-motion animation and more. 

In this episode of the Real People Podcast, Risa and I discuss finding creativity and inspiration in what has been a pretty weird year. We discuss her amazing stationary business, crafting, the meaning of objects, finding joy, and how to play with your own creativity to connect with the people and places around you. 


Check out  Risa's  Portfolio: 

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